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What's an oscilloscope? Oscilloscopes, also called Digital Storage Oscilloscopes (DSOs) or Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes (MSOs), are a common type of test instrument used to capture, analyze, and troubleshoot electrical or real world physical signals.

Definition of Oscilloscope: Oscilloscopes observe the change of electrical signals over time, continuously graphed on a display as voltage or amplitude vs. time. During observation, oscilloscopes can analyze waveforms parametrically (i.e. frequency, RMS, peak-to-peak amplitude, rise time, etc.) Non-electrical signals, especially mechatronic signals such as vibration, strain, temperature, or current can be converted to voltages and displayed.

More Oscilloscope Information: Yokogawa oscilloscopes deliver a range of bandwidths, up to eight channel plus sixteen logic input oscilloscopes, unparalleled suites of triggers and signal analysis, and a unique ability to save multiple triggered-events to ''History'' memory.

  • Digital oscilloscopes
  • High-speed sampling
  • Range of bandwidths for electronic device design and development
  • Advantages of oscilloscope and multi-channel data recorder

Yokogawa DLM5000 Series Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

Yokogawa DLM3000 Series Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

Yokogawa DL950 ScopeCorder Data Acquisition Recorder

Yokogawa DL350 Portable ScopeCorder

Yokogawa SL1000 High Channel Count ScopeCorder

Yokogawa IS8000 Integrated Software Platform

Yokogawa Touch Screen GP10GP20


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