Leak Detection for Electron Bean/Gamma Equipment in Medical Industry

''Electron beam irradiation or e-beam irradiation is a commercially successful technology for irradiating a variety of disposable medical devices with a wide range of densities. Approximately 50% of all single use medical devices manufactured in the world today are irradiated with ionising energy from either photon or electron sources. E-beam, a proven technology that was introduced over 50 years ago, is routinely used to irradiate very large quantities of disposable medical devices at low cost and high speed.''

We have various model and brand of test and measurement equipment, helium leak detector, vacuum pumps. We can provide helium leak detection service job to detect leak location. Please contact us sales@hexoind.com with detail info 
- what is the process/product that you want to do leak check
- your application
- when do you want leak check job start
- leak 
test spec, if you have
- company address, contact person, email address, tel/mobile number

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