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Agilent / Varian VS C15 Component Leak Detector

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Agilent / Varian VS C15 Component Leak Detector Component Leak Detector Leak Detection

The Agilent VS C15 Component Leak Detector is a modular leak-testing package intended for applications in which the leak-detector components are more or less permanently mounted to the system. It incorporates Agilent's Contra-Flow vacuum design, which maximizes the protection of its components from contamination in industrial applications. An optional color touch-screen display is available for remotely showing all system status information and inputting all operating parameters.

  • The most compact, easiest to integrate component system available – more than 50% smaller than competitive systems.
  • Simplified interface with only two cables required, one for power, one for communications.
  • Does not require mounting modules or bulky, expensive interconnecting cables that are found standard in most leak detection systems today.
  • Most comprehensive array of interface options, including serial, discrete I/O and Profinet.
  • Optional color touch screen display allows access to system status information and all operating parameters.
  • Selectable sensitivity scales and Contra-Flow™ vacuum design for fast, accurate measurements with maximum protection from contamination in industrial applications.
  • Critical leak detector components are safely housed in a single enclosure protecting them from the industrial environment.

Technical Specifications

Sensitivity ranges 4 working ranges covering 1 × 10-3 to 1 × 10-9 atm-cc/sec
Minimum detectable leak 5 × 10-10 atm-cc/sec, 5 × 10-10mbar-l/sec, 5 × 10-11 Pa-m³/sec
Maximum test-port pressure 5 Torr, 7 mbar, 667 Pa
Calibration routine Automated or manual (internal or external)
Background suppression Auto zero and auto zero < zero function
Display interface (optional) High clarity TFT color touch screen
Display languages (selectable) English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin
Set points 5 set points: 4 for leak rate or pressure, 1 audio
Analog output 0-10V, log 1V/decade & 2V/decade and linear (DB-9F)
Serial interface RS-232 isolated @9600 baud (DB-9M)
Discrete I/O Optically isolated, 5-24VDC outputs and inputs (DB-25S)
Networking interface Profinet® I/O option (RJ45)
Power input 24VDC ±5%, max. current 4A (Molex 03-12-1036)
Operating temperature 5 to 48 °C

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