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Agilent / Varian TriScroll 300

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Agilent / Varian TriScroll 300 Agilent / Varian Dry Scroll Pumps Vacuum Products

Agilent's unique, patented TriScroll series features two-stage clean, dry scroll pumps that deliver high pumping speeds and low base pressure. The frequent maintenance requirements of oil-sealed rotary vane pumps are eliminated with dry scroll pumps, simplifying regulatory and environmental compliance, and eliminating oil disposal costs. Agilent TriScroll dual-sided dry scroll pumps feature proven reliability and durability, providing consistent performance and superior cost of ownership.

The TriScroll 300 pump operates at a pumping speed of 15 m3/h (250 L/min).


Technical Specifications

Pumping speed 60 Hz 250 l/m, 15 m3/hr, 8.8 cfm 50 Hz 210 l/m, 12.6 m3/hr, 7.4 cfm
Ultimate pressure 1.3 x 10-2 mbar (1.0 x 10-2 Torr)
Maximum inlet pressure 1.0 atmosphere (0 psig)
Maximum outlet pressure 1.1 atmosphere (1.5 psig)
Inlet connection NW25
Exhaust connection 1⁄4'' Female NPT with swivel (NW16 adapter provided)
Gas ballast 1⁄4'' Female NPT (shipped with 40 micron filter installed; port plug also provided)
Operating Voltages-1Ø models 50/60Hz/100-115: 200-230 VAC
Operating Voltages-3Ø models 50Hz/200-230, 380-415 VAC; 60Hz/ 200-230, 460 VAC
Weight Pump only: 26.4 kg (58 lbs) Ship weight: 34.2 kg (75 lbs)
Compliance CE, CSA/CUS

Ordering Information
Description                                                                                        Part Number
TriScroll 300 dry scroll vacuum pump, 1Ø motor, U.S. cord             PTS03001UNIV
TriScroll 300 dry scroll vacuum pump 1Ø motor, Euro cord P          TS03001UNIVEU
TriScroll 300 dry scroll vacuum pump, 1Ø motor, UK cord               PTS03001UNIVUK
TriScroll 300 dry scroll vacuum pump 3Ø motor                               PTS03003UNIV
TriScroll 300, 1Ø, with vacuum isolation valve (VPI), 120 V             PTS03001UVPI*
TriScroll 300, 1Ø, with VPI, 220 V, EU power cord                           PTS03001UVPIEU
TriScroll 300, 1Ø, with VPI, 220 V, UK power cord                           PTS03001UVPIUK
TriScroll 300, 3Ø, with VPI, 200 V                                                     PTS03003200VPI
TriScroll 300, 3Ø, with VPI, 230 V                                                     PTS03003230VPI
TriScroll 300, 3Ø, with VPI, 380/415 V                                              PTS03003380415VPI
TriScroll 300, 3Ø, with VPI, 460 V                                                     PTS03003460VPI
TriScroll 300 exhaust extension                                                        S4707002
* Contact us for other voltages


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