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Saluki S2103 Mini-pro Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (RJ45/Optical fiber)

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Saluki S2103 Mini-pro Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (RJ45/Optical fiber) Optical Test Test & Measurement

Saluki S2103 Series is one small and economic handheld OTDR. The unique RJ45 Ethernet Cable Sequence Test can  make the broadband install and maintain more convenient and faster.
Key Features

 24dB dynamic range and 3m event dead zone

 Unique RJ45 Test including Ethernet cable sequence, cable length and line-tracker measurement

|  One button automatic test and real time test

|  Built-in OPM, VFL and LS functions

|  Optional dual-wavelength OTDR, Event Map, OFD 

|  Online detection - APD effective protection

|  Multi-functional test platform to meet deversified test requirements


|  Locate the target optical cable through audio or visual signals in complex environment

|  Intelligent optical fiber link detection, graphical results show, clear and easy to understand



|  FTTx Test

|  Broadband install and maintain

|  CATV/ LAN/ Metro/ Access network testing

|  Lab and factory testing

|  Live fiber troubleshooting



Main Functions

Main Functions


Technical Specifications


Mini-Pro OTDR
Model S2103S S2103D
Wavelength 1550nm ± 20nm 1310/1550nm ± 20nm
Fiber Type G.652
Dynamic Range 22dB 24dB/ 22dB
Event Dead Zone 3m
Attenuation Dead Zone 8m
Test Range 500m - 60km
Pulse Width 3ns - 10us
Ranging Accuracy ± (1m + Sampling interval + 0.005% * Test distance)
Loss Accuracy ± 0.2dB/dB
Sampling Points 16k - 128k
Sample Resolution 0.05m - 8m
Reflection Accuracy ± 3dB
Data Storage Internal: >=600, External: TF card
Lase Safety Level Class II
File Format SOR (standard format)
Connector FC/UPC (Interchangeable SC,ST)
Wavelength Range 800nm - 1700nm
Connector Universal joint FC/SC/ST
Measurement Range -50dBm to +26dBm
Uncertainty ±5%
Frequency Identification CW/270/330/1000/2000Hz
Display Unit dB, dBm
Calibration Wavelength 850/980/1300/1310/1490/1550/1625/1650nm
Wavelength 1550nm ± 20nm 1310/1550nm ± 20nm
Output Power >= (-5dBm)
Stability CW, ±0.5dB/ 15min
Connector FC/UPC (Interchangeable SC,ST)
Wavelength 650nm ± 20nm
Output Power >= 10mW
Mode CW/1Hz/2Hz
Connector FC/SC/ST
RJ45 Cable Length Measurement
Test Range 300m
Functions: Blue, OTDR/ EVENT MAP/ OPM/ LS/ VFL/ RJ45 Sequence/ RJ45 Cable Tracker/ RJ45 Line Length/ Flashlight.


General Information


Display 3.5 inch color LCD screen, English interface
Data Interface Micro USB
External Storage TF Card
Battery Life Standby >20h, Meaasuring time >12h
Power Supply

Polymer Li-battery: 3.7V, 4000mAh

Adapter: 5VDC, 2A

Size 173mm * 82mm * 37mm
Weight < 350g


Standard Package


Num Name Qty.
1 OTDR host 1
2 AC/DC power adapter 1
3 CD (containing client simulation analysis software) 1
4 Data line 1
5 SC/UPC adapter 1
6 Calibration certificate 1
7 User manual 1
8 Clean cotton slices 10
9 Instrument backpack 1

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