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Agilent / Varian NHS-35 Diffusion Pump

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Agilent / Varian NHS-35 Diffusion Pump Agilent / Varian Diffusion Pumps Vacuum Products

NHS-35 Diffusion Pump

The Agilent NHS-35 Oil Diffusion Pump is a pump with high throughput and high pumping speed of 50,000 L/s. With its fully optimized vapor jet, robust boiler design and thermal protection switches, the pump will run without any maintenance for many years. It is available with 35 in. ASA or ISO 1000F (bolted) inlet flange.

This pump is a perfect fit for industrial applications such as vacuum furnace, heat treatment, metallizing, and coating processes for optical lenses, electronics and protective film layers.

  • Five-stage fractionating jet purifies pumping fluid
  • Fill and drain assembly allows for easy exchange of pump fluid
  • Robust boiler design
  • Stable and reliable under widely varying operation conditions
  • High forepressure tolerance
  • Low ultimate pressure
  • High throughput with high pumping speed
  • Fluid level sight glass provides quick indication of pump fluid status at all times
Backstreaming Rate
  • 5 x 10-4 mg/cm²/min
Cooldown Time
  • 60 min
Electrical Requirements
  • 50/60 Hz
  • 240/415/480 V
Fluid Charge
  • 11356 CC
Fluid Type
  • Oil
Input Voltage
  • 240, 415, 480 V
Maximum Forepressure - Full Load
  • 0.40 Torr
  • 0.52 mbar
Maximum Forepressure - No Load
  • 0.55 Torr
  • 0.71 mbar
Maximum Throughput
  • 25 T-L/s (33 mbar-L/s)
Operating Range
  • 9 x 10-4 to < 5 x 10-8 Torr
  • 1.2 x 10-3 to < 6.5 x 10-8 mbar
Pump Power
  • 24000 W
Pump Weight
  • 1500 lbs
  • 680.4 kg
Pumping Speed - Air
  • 28000 L/s
Pumping Speed - Air, via AVS 4.1 (1963)
  • 50000 L/s
Pumping Speed - He/H2
  • 35000 L/s
Recommended Backing Pump
  • ≥ 300 cfm (510 m3/hr)
Warmup Time
  • 60 min
Water Connections
  • 3/8 inch FPT
Water Cooling - Temperature Requirement
  • 60-80 °F
  • 15-26 °C
Water Cooling Flow Requirement
  • 4.0 gpm
  • 800 L/hr

Ordering Information
Description                                          Voltage            Weight kg (lbs)             Part Number
                                                                                                                               Flange Type

NHS-35 Pump                                                                                                        ASA     ISO
NHS-35 with standard cold cap          240 V               680.0 (1,550.0)           F1730308  L5924308
NHS-35 with halo baffle                       240 V               680.0 (1,550.0)           F1730318  L5924318
NHS-35 with standard cold cap          480 V               680.0 (1,550.0)           F1730309  L5924309
NHS-35 with halo baffle                       480 V               680.0 (1,550.0)           F1730319  L5924319

Accessories                                             Weight kg (lbs)                        Part Number
Water-cooled halo baffle                          20.0 (45.0)                               K1857335
Quick cool coil –                                       0.5 (1.0)                                   IC200SV
must be installed in the factory, 
can not ship separately Factory Special
Centering ring for ISO foreline flange, 200K
O-ring, ISO Inlet flange                           0.5 (1.0)                                   78536002
Installation and Operation Manual                                                        699901140
Replacement Parts (six heaters required per pump)
Heater 4000 W, 240 V/480 V with           0.5 (1.0)                                   647335010
Heater 4000 W, 240 V/480 V with           0.5 (1.0)                                   647235248
no leads – used on pumps built before May ‘90 
Heater, 4000 W, 200 V                             0.5 (1.0)                                   647335020
Heater, 4000 W, 400 V                             0.5 (1.0)                                   L6383010
Heater, 4000 W, 440 V                             0.5 (1.0)                                   L6383011
Heat shield (reusable)                            0.5 (1.0)                                   L6370001
Heater clamping plate                            4.0 (8.0)                                   F1749001
(six required per pump) 
Heater insulator                                      0.5 (1.0)                                   L9699001
(one required per pump) 
HS-32/35 heater wire, 10 AWG,             1.0 (0.4)                                   X3900-68003
196 inches (2 per heater required) 
Replacement o-ring kit for ASA            0.5 (1.0)                                   K0377169
pumps (kit contains: 1 inlet flange
 o-ring (buna 78536001), 
1 foreline flange o-ring (butyl 2-267), sight glass o-ring and gasket,
8 fill and drain o-rings (Viton 2-213)
Upper (water) thermal switch              0.5 (1.0)                                   K9050005
(set at 200 °F/93 °C) 
Lower (boiler) thermal switch              0.5 (1.0)                                   K9050006
(set at 600 °F/316 °C) 


• Inlet flange 35 in. ASA, foreline flange 6 in. ASA
• Inlet flange ISO 1000F (bolted), foreline flange ISO 200K (clamped)
• Not recommended for use with Santovac 5
• ASA pump versions include o-rings for both inlet and foreline flanges
           • ISO pump versions include inlet flange o-ring, but does not include foreline flange centering ring-


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Supplemental Information
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High Throughput Diffusion Pumps user manual

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Low Profile Water Cooled Baffle user manual

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