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Saluki NS8340 GNSS Constellation Simulator (multi-GNSS/Constellation/Frequency)

Saluki S5800E Series Field Comm Analzyer (9kHz - 4GHz/ 6GHz)

Saluki S2438 Series Microwave Power Meter (9kHz - 500GHz)

Saluki S5800H Series Field Comm Analzyer (9kHz - 4GHz/ 6GHz)

Saluki S5800L Handheld Spectrum Analyzer (9kHz - 3GHz)

Saluki S5700 Series Field Comm Analzyer (SA+CA+Optical)

Saluki S5105 Series Microwave Multifunctional Analyzer (18GHz/26.5GHz/40GHz)

Saluki S5104 Series Radio Communications Test Set (300kHz - 1.05GHz / 3GHz)

Saluki S5101B Handheld Radio Communication Analyzer (2MHz - 2.7GHz)

Saluki S5101A Handheld Radio Communication Analyzer (2MHz - 1GHz)

Saluki HDSO1000 Series Oscilloscope (70/100/150/200MHz)

Saluki DSO5000 Series Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope (4CH, 500MHz/1GHz)

Saluki DSO4000 Series Oscilloscope (80/100/200/250MHz)

Saluki DSO3000 Series Oscilloscope (70/100/200MHz)

Saluki DSO2000 Series Oscilloscope (70/100/200MHz)

Saluki MSO1000 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope (60/100/200MHz)

Saluki SAG1000 Arbitrary Function Generator (5-100MHz)

Saluki SK300 Handheld Optical Power Meter

Saluki SK400 Optical Fiber Ranger

Saluki SK300X Smart Optical Power Meter

Saluki SK500 Handheld Stabilized Laser Source

Saluki SFS-2000H Fusion Splicer (6 motors, Core alignment)

Saluki SFS-2000 Fusion Splicer (4 motors)

Saluki S2102 Optical Time Domain Reflectometers (OTDR/PON)

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